Why Buy From Us

Experience the Ultimate Voyage

We are on a mission to enrich lives via visual art and high quality entertainment systems that are simple to use.

We believe that art in all its forms, is essential to a happy and healthy life. Art appreciation in this day and age has been lost to convenience. Our experience promises to renew your love for art!

If a system isn’t easy and reliable, you will not use it. We design our systems with simplicity of use in mind. Our systems offer an escape from reality, an instant journey to a land of fantasy. We are equally as focused on the quality of the products we offer, as well as our customer service. 

With our combination of art and technology, we are redefining the HiFi experience in Las Vegas!

We are...

Audio/Video Experts

We can design, install, configure, and calibrate your home or business entertainment systems.

Control Experts

With over 20 years of experience, we can ensure your system is easy to use and reliable.


We donate a portion of proceeds to charity. We are also active in assisting charities with our expertise and man power on a regular basis.

Art and Artists

We have a gallery that promotes artists and the appreciation of the arts. 

On a Mission

We are on a mission to enrich lives using a combination of art and high quality entertainment systems.

On Time & On Budget

Our experience enables us to set realistic expectations that lead to on time and on budget completion of your project.

Customer Testimonials

I trust Jeff completely... He is a very competent professional and I am excited to have him on this project.

Alan Z., Homeowner

You are the only one I trust with my TV.

Joan B., Homeowner

We love that all of the staff are able to easily use the system to deliver the brand we desire to our patrons.

John K., Restaurateur


We have over 20 years of AV industry experience working in homes and estates as large as 45,000 sq ft. We have worked with restaurants, bars, office buildings, hotels, schools, government facilities, and houses of worship.

Equipment Trade-in

Upgrade your system without the need to upgrade your storage unit. We offer industry leading trade-in values for your existing equipment..